Taskbar Exposed

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In many of my Youtube videos, people have commented about my humongous Windows taskbar. Here’s a screenshot of it: The taskbar Click to enlarge

I’m sure this doesn’t impress those who work with computers a lot.

For the sake of satisfying everyone’s curiosity, here’s a breakdown of all the icons, left to right:

  1. Google Chrome: I actually use Firefox when watching Netflix cause Chrome lags games.
  2. Windows Explorer
  3. Steam: This is where I buy and launch all my games.
  4. Slack: Where I chat and collaborate with colleagues.
  5. JD-GUI: Java decompiler. I use it mostly for simple plugins I want to decompile. For bigger software like the Minecraft client I use CFR.
  6. Teamspeak: A voice chat program from before Discord. Talking about Discord, I keep it closed 80% of the time because of the number of notifications it sends.
  7. ConEmu: A console emulator running MingW. I always have tons of those consoles open, mostly connected over ssh to random machines running Minecraft server stuff.
  8. Excel: Like Google Sheets before google sheets. I prefer the OG version when working solo, mostly used for game design or when comparing prices on game microtransactions.
  9. Redis Desktop Manager: A Windows client for Redis.
  10. DataGrip: A client for most SQL databases.
  11. MongoChef: A client for MongoDB.
  12. GitKraken: A git client. My git workflow is all over the place. For simple clone/add/commit/push, I often use the console. When commiting from code or merging, I use IntelliJ’s. When exploring files I use Github. When cherrypicking, to rename latest commit or to squash, I use GitKraken.
  13. Minecraft: You might have heard of it.
  14. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition: The bad version. I use it once in a while when playing around with PE servers.
  15. Minecraft Skin Viewer: I use it to preview skins when retouching them.
  16. MCEdit: Minecraft world editor, without having to boot Minecraft and doesn’t modify the world (from water, plants growing, endermen…). Only MCEdit v1 tho.
  17. Minecraft Note Block Studio: When editing some of the more complex sounds or when making actual music. Often I prototype sound fx here and re-implement them as code.
  18. NBT Explorer: This is a great tool to edit files with the NBT format, like most of what Minecraft saves to disk.
  19. Photoshop: Image editor. I only use this one when editing .psd files.
  20. HxD: Hex editor. When you don’t understand why your file parser doesn’t work.
  21. League of Legends: Probably my most played game ever.
  22. Guild Wars 2: Probably my second most played game ever. I say probably because I did play a lot of Halo 3 back in the day.
  23. IntelliJ IDEA: This is what I edit code with and build software.
  24. Spotify: Plays any song ever.
  25. Insomnia: Hipster curl. I mostly use it as short-hand when uploading Minecraft skins.
  26. Filezilla: FTP client. I use it to upload .jars and edit text files remotely.
  27. Paint.net: Image editor. This is the one image editor I use for all tasks. Doesn’t look like it, but the Internet is mostly filled with images, so I use this every day. Actually learned how to use it in high school of all places.
  28. ScreenToGif: Sweet tool to record and edit GIFs.
  29. OBS: Use it when recording videos or rarely streaming.
  30. Tixati: Torrent client.
  31. Minecraft instance: I usually have anywhere between 2 and 4 open at once.
  32. Discord: IRC from 2016.
  33. WinDirStat: A file/disk analyzer, tells you which files take a lot of space. I use it quite often because my hard drive is somehow always full.
  34. Windows Console: When I need to quickly open a console in a directory, I click on the path bar in Windows Explorer and type “cmd.exe”. This is what opens I guess. It opens fast tho.
  35. Notepad++: A text editor with lots of plugins. I use it every day. I like it cause it loads fast and has the shell integration.

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That’s it! Here’s a screenshot of what I typically look at all day: Click to view